My Kenya Safaris for wildlife viewing and photography are designed to satisfy the desire to see the prolific game of the Kenyan plains, the wonders of the Masai Mara migration and the big cats. Using our own camps in the heart of the parks we spend full days following the activity from the moment we leave camp at first light.

Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike will appreciate our dedication to providing the best viewing experience possible. A common complaint of those who have been on ‘ordinary’ safaris is that much of the time is spent in camp and too little time is spent staying with the game and allowing situations to develop. We spend up to ten hours with the game each day. This gives us the opportunity to see a large number of species and to follow the unfolding story of wildlife on the plains as it happens.

I run a fleet of Landrover Defenders and Discoveries, the ideal vehicles for crossing river beds and negotiating the terrain in complete safety. The vehicles have been optimised to provide the best facilities for viewing and photographing the game. We have also added a special photo vehicle for the dedicated wildlife photographer.

My camps provide great comfort and excellent food and are situated well into the parks giving a real feeling of the safaris of old whilst providing modern conveniences. Come and join me on safari for an incredible wildlife experience that you will never forget! See why the Mara is the ‘Jewel of Africa’…